Finding Hope in Unexpected Places When Life With Illness Feels Impossible

It had been one hard thing too many. It had been one diagnosis too much. It had been one more bill that couldn’t be paid. It had been one more relationship in turmoil. It had all been too much.

I found myself outside. Staring at this little branch. Life sprouting out of the lifeless cement. I sobbed. Uncontrollably sobbed. Out of my feeling of despair that all facets of my life were crumbling and not knowing how I’d survive, this little branch gave me hope. Hope that life can spring forth when all seems impossible. I believe I heard the whisper of God, saying, “Kacy, you are this little branch. When life seems hopeless and you feel there is no way to move on, there is life.”

Life in the barren wasteland of cement. Life improbable. Life impossible. Yet somehow, there it is.

Every day I pass this little branch. Sometimes too hurriedly to be reminded of its truth. Other times pausing, thanking my God for showing me that what seems impossible is indeed possible. It has served as this reminder over the years that it has been there. I take comfort in it.

That little branch has weathered many a beating and just kept growing. It blossomed in that patch of cement. Today, I wanted to encourage you. In those desolate, barren lands of your own life, in ways that seem absolutely impossible to overcome, there can be life.

You are still living, you are still breathing, you are reading this… there is life. It may not be what you had hoped for or planned on. It may be utterly painful and hard to accept. Yet, there is life. Your story isn’t over yet. There is hope still. There is life in unexpected places.

Have you been experiencing a rough road? Have you found life and hope in unexpected places?

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