A Good Day With Fibromyalgia Doesn't Mean I'm Cured

Many of us with fibromyalgia have “good days,” the idea of which can confuse people who don’t understand chronic illness. Having a good day does not mean I’ve been cured of fibromyalgia. My version of a good day is not the same as a healthy person’s version of a good day. I completely understand how people can get confused and why I often hear statements such as: “You don’t look ill,” “You look the like the picture of health”and “Are you better now?”

Some people find comments like these upsetting, because they feel like an insult. I take it as a compliment. I love the fact that I can post a photo on social media and feel like “old Ness” again. Often that photo is taken at the start of a good day. I get loads of likes, compliments and confidence boosts. It doesn’t matter to me that by lunch time I am back in my pajamas and on the couch or in bed, exhausted. I have had that little boost and it raises my spirits.

A good day doesn’t have to vary much from my usual routine. I can still spend the day crocheting; however, I am in less pain. My chronic fatigue never falters, that is the same every day. But on a good day, I will fall asleep with remnants of red lipstick on. On a bad day there is no red lipstick as I can’t even manage a wash let alone my war paint!

A good day means:

  • I feel more balanced.
  • I enjoy my food.
  • I laugh more.
  • I can walk up the stairs a bit faster and with fewer sound effects.
  • I smile more with a boost of self confidence.
  • I will manage a small job in the house that has been on my list. (This could be folding clothes in the laundry basket or simple jobs.)
  • I may have makeup on for the school run in the morning.
  • I will be able to post something on social media about it being a good day.

A good day doesn’t mean I am cured. I am still in pain and exhausted by chronic fatigue, but it is at a balanced level that feels better and so I am grateful.

On special occasions I can “Tramadol up,” allowing me to go out, but the fall afterward is harsh. Taking strong pain relief to mask the pain always results in a flare. I usually only do this for events for my children. It is worth the pain, they are my world!

If you have a loved one with Fibromyalgia, please do not spoil their good days by assuming they are cured. Having a chronic illness means we don’t get cured. Some people can go into remission and become symptom-free, but remission doesn’t always last forever.

We try our best to find balance in our day, and some days are a little easier than others. That’s a good day.

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