Dear Me: Your Pain Doesn't Mean You're Weak

Dear me:

First of all, you are not weak. Yes, you’re in pain but that doesn’t mean you are less than a person. You aren’t. Actually you are a person people look for and  find a way of inspiration. You are a fighter and a person who has grown a lot because of this terrible pain experience.

Sadly, you have to accept the fact that you are not completely healthy and that maybe, and probably, it will be like that for the rest of your days.

You now have limitations, which I know is something very hard to accept. People don’t generally like to accept that. But I can’t blame them because you, more than anyone, knows that accepting limitations doesn’t feel good. It’s hard and its a long process.

I know that you would like to do everything you used to do. Play volleyball, enjoy the breeze of the air, run, jump, breathe, eat, walk, cook, or any other thing you were used to do without pain. But things are not like that. Some things are impossible, or uncontrollable.

It sucks. I know. But don’t be sad. Someday you will find something you can do that doesn’t give you more pain. You just have to find it. You will be able to have vacations which you get to enjoy fully. I can feel it.

Your limitations don’t make you weak or worthless, they make you stronger and braver. It’s something very easy to forget or ignore, but for your sake, try not to.

Also, please fight for you. Don’t lose against this illness. Don’t lose yourself, because you are an amazing young girl – even though sometimes you feel like an old lady.

Don’t give up, I love you.

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