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When Scoliosis Makes Some Activities Harder for Me

A few years ago, I found out I have scoliosis. Scoliosis can sometimes make things hard for me. I do a sport called equestrian vaulting. My club does not have a horse, so I vault on a barrel. One move that can be difficult for me to execute is the move “shark fin.” I can do this move well with my head to the right, but trying to do this move to the left is more difficult. I cannot fully lie down flat at the moment with this move.

This can be frustrating for me. I think, “Why can’t I fully lie down flat? I wish my spine wasn’t curved.” Scoliosis can also make me feel exposed whenever I am in something tight-fitting. The curve is more noticeable with tight-fitting clothing. So what will I do? I will keep practicing. I hope that one day I will be able to do the shark fin move on both sides of the barrel, as well as doing a shoulder stand and other moves. I love doing vaulting, and I feel like it has helped me become more flexible and stronger, both physically and mentally. Scoliosis may make it a bit harder for me to do things, but I am not planning on giving up doing these things anytime soon just because I have a curve in my spine.

I know it may be painful at times, and I know it can be a struggle to deal with, but I will keep trying. To those with scoliosis — keep trying to do what you enjoy. You are worth it.

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