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    Community Voices

    MCTD warrior - having it all, but not what you want.

    <p><a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce9d00553f33fe997fbb" data-name="MCTD" title="MCTD" target="_blank">MCTD</a> warrior - having it all, but not what you want.</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Ready4change22. I'm here because although they fixed my scoliosis with Herrington Rods when I was 12, at the age of 52, I now have a 30% curve in my lower back which is causing me considerable pain. They cannot fix the new curve without wrecking my quality of life completely. So, I am looking forward to increasing pain in lower back, butt and down my legs until I can't stand it anymore and go in for the surgery. Plus as an added bonus, the Herrington Rods in my upper back are fighting old age and gravity, causing lots of pain in upper back and shoulders.

    #MightyTogether #Scoliosis

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    Community Voices

    I’m Sorry I’m Blue

    Lungs are crushed under the weight of water Born by
    All you were created to be
    And all that you’ve become instead
    Genetics-done or mother’s neglect
    And what you’ve chosen
    For us
    Despite all the love you claim
    I can’t accept
    That I should drown
    So you can breathe
    Because if that is love
    What’s left for me
    And lest I gasp for air and pull your arm
    Desperately signaling
    This darkness floods
    My face
    Is wet with so much regret
    Decisions made from disillusionment
    And deformed bones are just the base for the core malignancies I’ve adorned since

    Face goes crimson
    Deprived of what I need
    But you take another drag
    And further shrink my human needs
    With what you think my needs should be
    Which is you
    Then ask me not to look so blue
    Bc it makes it harder for you to breathe
    MY AIR
    I guess that’s what i get for jumping ship
    Into the sharks
    I must be blind
    How do I keep mistaking trauma bonds for life
    And stable foundations
    I once loved the sea
    And now I fear it
    Much like you
    Much like you

    Community Voices

    Regret of once again , overdoing it..

    We had a severe storm go through here Monday,, thankfully we didnt have any bad damage,, just three fence panels went down,, and huge branches and tree limbs all over the yard, front and back.. sooooo I went around for two days picking up all the branches and twigs, tried to protect my low back , pace myself,,, then today mowed the front yard,,, you know the literal straw that broke the camels back?? Well that was the last straw... I can hardly move now, my neck and shoulders are killing me , causing a big headache,, my back is weak, and low back is sooooooo weak.. I did take precautionary measures,, and post overdoing it measures,, I am not new to this game,, Ive been in chronic pain since 1980, and even before that,, have multiple arthritic conditions and autoimmune pain conditions, fibro,,, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, severe osteoporosis, ect..... Im in my 60s,, . I have a question for those of you who have lived lives of chronic pain. Do any of y'all ever get so sick and tired of being cautious, of holding back from doing things, things you enjoy,, for me its working outside, being in the sun,, doing physical things.. So sometimes do any of y'all just say screw it and do more than you know you should,, knowing full well you will pay later?????????? Or is it just me????? I know I will get through this,, I will be miserable for anywhere from a few days, to a week or more... but sometimes I get so tired of holding back.

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    Community Voices

    Scoliosis Next Steps

    I recently went to my orthopedic doctor for my scoliosis and he said at the appointment that I had back in march of 2021 that my curve should only get worse by 3-4 degrees in the next 6 months and said that I should be fine but that was 6 months before this appointment and he told me that it got worse by 7-8 degrees and that we needed to scheduled another appointment for the next 6 months (September) and that I will either be put in a brace or surgery will be needed. I AM TERRIFIED! I hate to think about the fact that I might not be able to do gymnastics after I have back surgery (If I Do) and I only have three years of gymnastics left that I am eligible to do. and it makes me so scared for the future. I want to keep my nerves down because the appointment is nit until September and I have time to not be worried before the appointment.

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    Community Voices

    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is BabyCatcher. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story. I'm currently applying for disability. I'm struggling to accept that my career is a thing of the past. Looking to discuss how best to cope with all these feelings and interested in how others may have had to adjust their daily activities or how it has impacted their relationships with family.









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    Adults With Cerebral Palsy: We Exist

    Cerebral palsy is one of those universally known and yet universally misunderstood things. If I tell people that I have CP or I explain the significance when asked about my green ribbon lanyard at work, I get the usual response. You probably know the one: “oh…” and they sagely nod. They know. But how can they know when I don’t? Cerebral palsy has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. I was told when I had to wear eye patches or go to PT that I had CP as a little girl. It was the explanation for all of it. As a kid, cerebral palsy meant that I had constantly skinned knees and wore a brace off and on, on my left leg. It also meant that I dealt with a fair amount of teasing and knew something about emotional and physical pain. But it didn’t stop me. I saw myself as a normal kid. My balance was something to be laughed off and if my back hurt, I didn’t say anything. At a seventh-grade health fair, one of the volunteers at a booth told me I needed to see a doctor because I had scoliosis. Thank you early aughts, I was a combo of edgy, quirky, and the pick me girl. So much cringe! I looked at the kindly lady and said, “The doctor won’t do anything — I have CP.” She said “Oh…” That was the beginning of my medical cynicism. I’m far from that 12-year-old girl. A lot has changed in the 20 years that have lapsed, but so much is the same. I’ve had another surgery since then, I’ve tried more PT, I’ve had Botox, and I even tried dry needling with electroshock. I’ve found that I am the proverbial zebra. Botox makes me feel high. I had an adverse reaction to the dry needling. I know that there is no cure for CP. That fact has been borne home to me throughout my life, but with each appointment hope flares that I may just find the thing that mitigates the chronic pain. I want to find that normal I had as a 12-year-old girl, but I think that has passed me by. So I try to be my own advocate. I try to level with doctors that I’m not looking for a magic cure and that in general, I know where I’m at. What I want to know is where my people are? Is there anyone who is existing beyond the advice to “parents of children with CP”? Is there advice to the adults, who wonder if their mobility will steadily decline or if that pain in my neck is because I slept wrong or if it’s a weird spastic thing? I mean these are the questions I’m Googling. Are there people who found out that tongue spasms are truly a thing and it doesn’t mean I’m having a stroke, it just meant that I needed to quit chewing gum? At what point should I decide to quit working a regular 9-5? There aren’t copious amounts of advice for these questions. And that is how I found The Mighty, but I wish that there were more resources for adults with CP. The brain doesn’t like an unknown and I’m wary of yet another appointment, another opinion, and another flare of hope.

    Community Voices

    Hi aĺl

    So I have bi polar 2 anxiety depression cpsd ptsd and teleplis and autism and a mild intellectual disability scoliosis #bi polar sucks #misunderstood

    So only a few years been diagnosed with autism being female you know it is what happens

    I find it so hard in the community
    Who else does
    Where do I fit
    I function like a so called norm
    But don't understand conversation enough or social....
    Why is it that if you are not fully unfunctional that people lump everyone together oh it's disability not being able to see each person and putting people who have high behaviours above others....