Realizing My Son on the Autism Spectrum and I Have More in Common Than I Thought

I always try to understand my son Griffin and the unique and beautiful ways he views the world. I admire his passion and caring heart. He likes to collect things, like yogurt tops. He was starting to get quite a collection recently. He would rinse them and then put them in a cup, telling us he was going to use them for an art project. He’s also big on recycling, so I suggested that he start putting the tops in the recycling bin so they could be recycled into new tops. But I couldn’t help but wonder where the idea for his unique collection came from.

And then an idea hit me…

One night when we had some friends over, I looked up and saw this: my own unique collection of coffee canisters.

Collection of empty Folgers plastic coffee canisters on top of refrigerator

I had to laugh and realized that I had my own reasons for this collection. I wanted to share some of the ways I use these lovely canisters. As you will see I prefer Folgers Half-Caf canisters, but — you be you! — and use whatever canisters you like.

We recently had a leak in a sink. What to do? Use one of our nice bowls? Oh, hell no! Canister please!

Plastic Folgers coffee can underneath sink

What about a unique way to store toilet paper and keep thieves away. Canister please!

plastic Folgers coffee canister filled with toilet paper roll

A spoonful of sugar? How about a canister full of spoons! Canister please!

plastic Folgers coffee can filled with plastic spoons

Oh where, oh where do I put my wet umbrella? On the wood floor? No way! Canister please!

Umbrellas in a plastic Folgers coffee canister

Normally I wouldn’t put salt in my coffee but where does one put their sidewalk salt? Canister please!

plastic Folgers coffee canister filled with sidewalk salt

Well, I think this helps me understand where Griffin might get his unique collection ideas. Hopefully it gave you some ideas, too.

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