To the Valentine of Someone With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dear Valentine,

I’m writing you this letter because it’s Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a special time to let the ones you love know how they’re loved and appreciated. And, my valentine, you most certainly are loved and appreciated!

man and woman on green lawn

When you signed up for a life with me, you couldn’t have known what was to come. Like me, you probably hoped for a long, happy life together — a life full of zest and adventure and, most of all, love. We’ve had those things for the most part, but how were we to ever know that chronic fatigue syndrome would come along and throw a wrench into all of that?!

Over the years, we’ve mourned the loss of many things this illness has stolen from us–the energy to enjoy the life’s little extras, the ability to parent with the gusto we desire, nights out on the town and our shared passion for physical activity and the great outdoors. Dealing with the loss of those things wasn’t easy, but you shouldered it with me, and for that I thank you.

But I’m not writing you this letter to bemoan the things we’ve lost. I’m writing this because I wanted to acknowledge the little ways in which this illness has actually helped me grow my love for you…They say one’s true colors show in times of crisis – well, four years into this health crisis, I’m confident in saying your colors are absolutely golden! Your steadiness, your understanding, and your ability to step up when practical help is needed, have made me love you more and more each day! You are loyal, kind, and downright dreamy. I couldn’t want for anything more in a partner.

Oh, and if this illness never lets me have a night out again? I’ll remind myself that there are few things that measure up to a cozy night at home with you anyway!

All my love,


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