3 Simple Things to Tell Someone Who Doesn't Understand Anxiety

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When Panic Attacks Convince You You're Dying

Foggy vision. Burning pain. Shallow breathing. I can’t walk. Heart palpitations. I’ll never get through this. Heart racing. I’m dying. Uncontrollable crying. Choking. Shooting pain in throat. Why? I’ll never get through this. Dizzy. I’ll never get through this. Dizzy. Foggy. Numbness in my face. Blurry. Dizzy. Thump thump thump. Why? Who can help me? I’m [...]
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The Words From My Yoga Instructor That Completely Changed How I View Self-Care

When I attended my first yoga class, I was expecting to leave feeling relaxed and especially “stretchy.” While I did leave with a new spring in my step, I also left with a lesson that would come to benefit me for years to come. In came in the middle of a sun salutation. I’m following [...]
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A Day in the Life of a Student With an Anxiety Disorder

Every day is a challenge. I wake up with a nervous stomachache. I get dressed and put on my mascara, trying to hold the brush tightly with shaky hands. I try to eat something, but I can’t. Everything makes me feel sick. At school I greet my friends with a fake smile and try to [...]
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Dealing With Anxiety During My First Pregnancy

I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant on Thursday. It’s been the greatest of blessings. I couldn’t be more thankful and excited. But today, I’m feeling slightly on edge and anxious. When I found out I was pregnant, I went off of all of my anxiety meds. I knew if things got bad there were medications safe [...]