The Animation Game That Could Help Kids With Autism Develop Social Skills

Gary Jesch, a digital animator, recently developed Invirtua Animation for Autism, a live animation system designed to help children with autism work through social anxiety and learn social interaction skills.

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Who Decides If I Am ‘High-Functioning’ or ‘Low-Functioning’ as an Autistic Person?

I once had a boyfriend who broke my heart. I thought he was my boyfriend, at least, but he thought otherwise. Am I “high-functioning” because I had a boyfriend? Am I “low-functioning” because my heart was broken or because I didn’t realize we weren’t actually an item? Am I more “high-functioning” because I’m autistic and [...]
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When Someone Said I Could 'Pass for Normal'

I am an autistic self-advocate and author. A few years ago I had a launch for my book about employment for autistic teens and young people. I was excited at the prospect of this – my second book – making its way into the world. Around that time, a friend of a friend had made [...]

Teachers Create Finley's Barkery to Employ Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Finley’s Barkery, a Minnesota-based bakery, makes treats for dogs and is staffed by adults living with autism. Read the full story.
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The Colors of My Mind on the Autism Spectrum

I don’t know how thinking is for everyone else, but for a long time I thought it was the same for them as it is for me. My mind doesn’t stop; it spins and shifts in different directions creating webs of patterns, linked by varying hues. The demand for constant input, the never ending search [...]