People With Anxiety Share Their Biggest Fears

People in The Mighty’s mental health community who live with anxiety disorders share their biggest or most irrational fear.

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The Different Forms My Anxiety Takes

My anxiety comes in two forms. It used to be three, but I’ll come back to that. There is the slow build. The always-there, low-level panic that feels like there are little gnomes living inside of my chest that have chains wrapped around my lungs and are pulling them ever tighter. It can last for [...]
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Will My Daughter Be Anxious and Sensitive Like Me?

Before my husband Rodney and I decided to have children, we met with a physician for counseling. I was worried about having a child given both our histories of anxiety and depression. Would the poor kid would be doomed? Do we have a child anyway? Would having a child be selfish? How can we create [...]

3 Simple Things to Tell Someone Who Doesn't Understand Anxiety

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When Panic Attacks Convince You You're Dying

Foggy vision. Burning pain. Shallow breathing. I can’t walk. Heart palpitations. I’ll never get through this. Heart racing. I’m dying. Uncontrollable crying. Choking. Shooting pain in throat. Why? I’ll never get through this. Dizzy. I’ll never get through this. Dizzy. Foggy. Numbness in my face. Blurry. Dizzy. Thump thump thump. Why? Who can help me? I’m [...]