Amber Smith Shares Before and After Photos to Show Reality of Her Panic Attacks

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I Count to 10 and I Still Feel Anxiety

I feel like I can’t stop moving. I feel like my insides are churning and my mind is working so fast I can’t even tell what I’m thinking. People ask me what’s on my mind and I have to say nothing, but it’s everything at the same time — like I’m about to burst or [...]
Life Ring or Life Buoy on Hut, for watersports and water safety.

The People Who Threw Me a Life Raft When I Spoke About My Pain

There isn’t a day I don’t feel anxiety to a varying degree. It could be a whisper of existence while I walk into a store or a loud thunder when I have to drive somewhere out of my comfort zone. It could be a breeze like flutter that blows by when I have walk into [...]
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Anxiety Is a Lot of Things. But It Isn't Your Stereotype.

Anxiety is a lot of things, but it isn’t always what you think. It isn’t always huddling by a tree outside the nightclub, arms wrapped around my knees, shaking and sniffling as a friend rub my back, telling me it’s OK to get overwhelmed. It isn’t always flashing lights, shouting partygoers and pounding music that [...]
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How I Made Anxiety My B*tch at Work

This morning, I woke up OK, went upstairs, started making coffee… And was blindsided by an anxiety spike. After a few breathing exercises and some groovy music, I was in enough control to finish getting breakfast ready and start to get ready for work. On the following drive, I could feel anxiety trying to worm its [...]