What POTS Took From Me and Gave Me In Return

It took me close to five years to finally get a diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). At first getting the diagnosis was a huge relief, it wasn’t all in my head, I wasn’t imaging it. Then the panic set it, this is forever and it isn’t going to go away. POTs has taken a lot away from me, but it’s also given me a lot, too.

POTs took away some of my hobbies, I can no longer competitively show my horse, but it’s also given me a newfound appreciation for swimming which is something I both love and can do.

POTs made me aware of who my real friends were and who left when things got hard. It has also pushed me into making new friends. Friends who appreciate me for me and are okay when I don’t have the spoons to do something.

Two female friends wearing sunglasses, smiling at camera.

POTs took away my ability to comfortably walk around the mall, but has also shown me that there are people in my life who are willing to sit with me until I can start again.

POTs took over my body but it also has made me strong at reading my warning signs and given me the ability to properly advocate for it with my fantastic team of medical professionals.

POTs showed me how much my family really loves and cares for me.

It’s true that POTs has taken more from me than I ever imagined, but what it has given me in return is truly irreplaceable. Although this life has its challenges, I wouldn’t trade it.

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