Why I Accept My Anxiety

The other day, I was thinking how perfect my life would personally be without my anxiety. I get good grades, I have two parents who love each other and I have everything I could ever want. I also have one thing that I don’t want: Anxiety.

With anxiety, it dulls everything I have. It affects my grades. My parents are so frustrated it strains our relationship. It’s hard to leave the house some days.

But I do leave the house on those hard days, and that’s where my anxiety showed me what strength is.

It taught me that I actually have to work hard for straight As.

Personally, I believe it showed me that not everyone will understand — sometimes not even your family.

So today I pictured my life if I had never walked into that church and had that very first panic attack. It was probably inevitable, but if it wasn’t and I never had that panic attack I wouldn’t have had the experiences I’ve had.

I wouldn’t be as understanding of others as I am now. I wouldn’t give a second thought to mental health. I would still think to be strong meant the amount of weight you could lift.

Anxiety taught me that strength is so much more than that.

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