Researching My Wife's Borderline Personality Disorder

I need to get this off my chest.

My wife was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) a few years ago, so I did my research to see how I could help make her life and our relationship stronger and better for us both. Personally, I was horrified to see the massive amounts of negativity surrounding the condition — that I’m supposed to “run for the hills.”

I knew my wife had BPD before I married her. She gave me the option to leave, and still does after a bad day. I tell her I love her, how this condition is part of her and we’ll work through it. I will admit it has been a source of stress in our relationship, especially before I came to educate myself on the disorder. I’ve learned to take the time to chose my words wisely, to make sure I give her a little extra space and even sacrifice things I love to benefit her growth. She’s come so far in learning to control the ups and downs of the disorder. Our relationship is strong and growing stronger every day.

So, I strongly encourage those of you who have someone in your life who is living with BPD to educate yourself, instead of running away from them. Run full speed toward them; show them unconditional love and be patient with them. I understand it can be hard and hurtful sometimes, but I do believe that love over all is the best treatment for this disorder. As a spouse, family or friend of someone has this disorder, keep your chin up and fight the good fight.

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