Please Don't Suggest 'More Coffee' for My Chronic Fatigue

There is a huge difference between fatigue and being tired. Chronic fatigue, due to medication or illness, isn’t, “I stayed up too late last night, I’ll just have extra coffee.”

Fatigue is needing help to get out of bed to pee.

Fatigue is not showering because you don’t trust yourself to be able to stand for that long.

Fatigue is falling asleep sitting up, waiting for your toast to finish.

Fatigue is skipping meals because whether it involves cooking, a drive through, or just grabbing something out of the fridge, it’s just too much work.

Fatigue is crying while getting ready for work because you just can’t bear the thought of having to function.

Fatigue is setting an alarm two hours early and still being late.

Fatigue is being unable to read because the book is too heavy.

So please, before you suggest drinking “more coffee,” or before you say you’re jealous because I “get to” stay in bed all day, remember this isn’t a choice I’m making.

Please reconsider your words. They hurt.

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