A Trip to the Grocery Store Helps My Daughter Identify Items She's Working On

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Why I Won't Sugarcoat My Family's Medical Challenges on Facebook

Ever few months, I see the meme circling around on social media implying that people make their lives on Facebook look spectacular, as if nothing but a rainbow hangs over them. And I agree. Most of the time on Facebook, I see people share happy moments or uplifting quotes only. So I am sure some [...]
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When Our Special Needs Family’s ‘Blessing Jar’ Took on New Meaning for Me

I feel like a bit of a Mommy-fraud at the moment. Maybe you know how that goes. You say something to your kids over and over, and then you don’t do what you tell them to do. Painful, right? I mean nine times — OK, eight times — out of 10, you’re good to go. [...]
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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Therapist for Your Child

As a parent of a child with special needs and an occupational therapist, I know that one of the most important and difficult decisions we’re asked to make is choosing a therapist for our child. It can be any type of therapist: occupational, speech, physical, psychologist, counselor, etc. It isn’t easy to determine what qualities [...]
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The Love I’ve Seen in Hundreds of Hospital Visits With My Child

Hospitals are just as part of my motherhood experience as local parks. I’ve walked their corridors hundreds of times. I’ve been in pre-operation wards to post-operation wards. I’ve sat in genetic doctors’ offices, along with neurologists, speech pathologists, orthopedic surgeons and more. I’ve watched my child as she was wheeled into the operation room. I’ve [...]