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The Job Description of a Chronic Illness Warrior

What I tell people who bemoan, “Must be nice to not have to have job!”: Caring for myself is a full-time job! My duties include the following 10 job tasks:

1. Getting to my many medical appointments each month

2. Making sure I get my medications (and vitamins/supplements) on time

3. Getting enough rest/sleep

4. Making sure I do not overdo it, resulting in a huge flare (up of symptoms)

5. Researching my illnesses, and adequate (often alternative) treatment options

6. Giving and receiving support from fellow Warrior Sisters in (mostly) online support groups

7. Making sure my fibromyalgia tool box is filled with treatment options (besides medication) and my much needed “distraction actions” (for the days when distracting myself from the pain is the only option I have left)

8. Getting my flu shot (because my immune system is compromised, and as such, I do not get sick like an normal person, I get much sicker, for much longer)

9. Eating healthy food

10. Light exercise, including yoga and walking (on days when I can actually get out of bed)

So, no, I don’t have an actual career, but don’t be fooled into thinking I don’t have a “job.”

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Thinkstock photo by kotoffei