My Life With Anxiety: A Poem

Every morning is waking up
to another day of thinking,
putting myself down, nothing
else but a smile covering a
sad man.

The headaches, nervous stomach,
the tingling feeling in you body.
The weakness is my legs, the feeling
of going “crazy.” The chest pains,
Incapable of sleeping. All this because
Of my dear friend Anxiety.

Thinking of different subjects
In my mind through out the day
The feeling of losing Someone
you love so much and
she probably doesn’t even care.

Everything I do to make someone
happy always seems to turn out to
a mess. Trying your best to get better
but the closest person you have,
has no time, doesn’t encourage you.
All I see is people walking away.

I never thought I was good enough for
anyone. I think a lot about who really
cares about me and who will support me.
I don’t want people thinking this is a joke.
All I want is to be good and to be the best
example for my amazing son.

After all one day of thinking has a gone
by, and feeling every possible mood,
goes to bed the same tired and sad
man, who cries himself to sleep.
I will never give up.

My life with Anxiety.

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Thinkstock photo by FL-photography

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