Ideas for Enjoying Spring Break With a Chronic Illness

Although trips to the beach aren’t necessarily out of the question, those of use with chronic illnesses often have to do spring break a little different than our friends.

Here are some tips on how to not feel ashamed of your spring break spent resting, and here are some fun ideas that are chronic illness friendly activities.

My favorite thing to start with is a list of fun things to do that require less energy. I likely won’t do all the things on the list, but it gives me a starting point for when I do feel up to an “adventure.”

Here are some things on my list:

  1. Cuddle with my cat
  2. Watercolor from bed
  3. Eat crepes (Preferably find a place that delivers crepes.)
  4. Have a backyard picnic
  5. Order fabrics online and learn how to sew (Ambitious, right?)
  6. Find a cool thrift store item
  7. Enjoy my coffee scented candle while wearing fuzzy socks
  8. Knit a head band
  9. Read a book

That is just to name a few!

Once you’ve done this, you have little things to look forward to as well as possible answers to the pesky spring break question. Then, when someone asks what you are doing for spring break, you can name any one of those things with confidence and not feel like your spring break is any less than anyone else’s. I may end up just doing one of these things, but it is a great strategy to stay positive and be ready for the moments where you feel up to doing an activity.

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