What I Do When My Major Depression Returns

I know the heaviness of major depression.

The elephant on my heart and chest, the agony of facing the day, the fear of seeing people and overall sense of hopelessness.

I also know the feeling of freedom, joy, energy and enthusiasm for life.

That is why when I have a couple of good weeks without experiencing depression, it brings me to such a feeling of defeat and frustration when it rears its ugly head again.

When it comes back I question exactly what it could be that brought it back on:

Did I take my meds?

Did I forget to stay away from sugar and gluten? Because for me, there is a correlation.

Am I tired?

Did someone say something to me that could have brought me down?

All these questions run through my mind, which actually makes it worse because I have not come to the place of fully accepting this will always be part of my life.

I fear my depression to be 100 percent honest.

It scares me because of my thoughts of wishing I wasn’t living anymore. That’s my escape in my head; I can imagine not being here and not having to fight these demons.

Feelings of being unworthy, unloving, unsafe and hopeless dance through my mind, which when my depression has a mission to take me down.

So what do I do?

I tell myself it will pass. I tell myself it’s a condition and not to listen to the negative voice. I tell myself that despite the amount of pain and fear I am in, the sun will come back again.

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