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Why I Believe You Should Find a Therapist You Would Grab a Beer With

A few weeks ago, I told my therapist she is someone I would grab a beer with. Because of ethical reasons, we couldn’t actually do that, but I said it to express to her I thought she was really cool and she’s someone I would hang out with if I could.

Please do not see a therapist you don’t like.

Of course at times, a therapist may tell you things you don’t like, but there’s a difference between having a therapist who challenges your thoughts and having a therapist who you can’t stand being in a room with.

There are many therapists out there, and finding a good fit can sometimes be difficult because it’s not a one-size-fits-all process. In fact, it took me three tries to find the therapist I see now. Sometimes thoughts of convenience can tempt many into “just settling” with a therapist they are less than enthusiastic for, but trust me, participating in counseling with a therapist you mesh well with is so much better than settling for someone who just isn’t your cup of tea.

It sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised at the number of people who see therapists they don’t like.

Keep in mind there are also a lot of theoretical approaches to counseling as well. Do some research and find what you like. Advocate for yourself and tell the organization what type of therapist you would like to see. If you meet a therapist for a few sessions and you are not liking their style, it’s OK to be honest and tell them you think you would like to see someone else.

Best of luck!

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