Gianessa Wride Wins Her School's 'Crazy Hair Day' With Alopecia

“Crazy Hair Day” is one the most fun school days for kids across the country, and that is no exception for Gianessa Wride, a 7-year-old living with alopecia.

When Wride started losing her hair in January, her mom, Daniella Vinanti Wride, a nurse, wanted to make being bald “fun and fashionable” for her daughter, she told Yahoo Beauty.

This year, for her school’s “Crazy Hair Day,” Wride and her mother came up with a creative solution, requiring no hair. Vinanti Wride bought jeweled scrapbooking stickers and adhered the designs, including flowers and an owl, to her daughter’s head.

“She looked in the mirror and said, ‘Mom, this is awesome!’” Vinanti Wride said. “Her friends loved it too.”

According to, Wride won her class-based and school-wide “Crazy Hair Day” competitions. After sweeping the competition at her Salem, Utah elementary school, Wride’s school changed the event to a more inclusive, “Crazy Head Day.”

“Gianessa is awesome, she wants people to feel comfortable with who they are; just embrace life and have fun and be fierce and be an inspiration to others,” her mom told

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