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15 Gifts You Can Give to a Loved One in Eating Disorder Recovery

Recovering from an eating disorder can be a difficult journey and loved ones may feel at a loss in knowing how to support someone in their recovery. We believe giving gifts is a great way to show a loved one in recovery they are loved, appreciated and cared for. Gifts of support do not always have to be tangible objects, they can also be kind actions and words. Because gifts can be such a great way to show you care, we asked our Project HEAL community to share what gifts they would love to receive.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. “I love little books with motivational quotes and jewelry that has a meaning behind it. I have a bracelet I wear every day that says, ‘healing.’ That was a gift.” — Hannah G.

2. “The gift of time with a loved one. A handwritten note. Art supplies. Wearable affirmations, like a charm bracelet or pendant. Tactile toys for distress distraction and self-soothing. No clothing or dieting themed books.” — Laurel C.

3. “Love without judgment is the most precious gift.” — Emily H.

4. “A big box of DVDs and films to watch in the evenings and a coloring book.” — Florence T.

5. “Self-reflective journals!” — Abby O.

6. “Self-care items! Journals, fun pens or markers, lotion, body wash, nail polish, DVDs, books, potted plants, a cozy blanket, herbal tea, a coloring book, pretty hair ties or clips, lip balm, etc.” — Kari L.

7. “A book I can get lost in! It makes the thoughts a bit quieter.” — Rachel E.

8. “Art supplies [like] watercolors, calligraphy pens, drawing pencils, pastels. Art therapy was such a major part of overcoming a decade long battle with anorexia and bulimia.” — Rebecca P.

9. “A journal with inspirational quotes sprinkled randomly on pages throughout it!” — Megan H.

10. “A note from someone saying I can call them at any time when I am in need of support.” — Brenna N.

11. “A hug.” — Liz A.

12. “Autobiographies of people who are successful!” — Lani T.

13. “A note from a family member or friend saying ‘It’s OK, we love you. Take time and heal.'” — Lisa J.

14. “Lots of encouragement, patience and love.” — Samantha P.

15. “When you shop the Project HEAL store, not only are you showing your Project HEAL pride, you are directly supporting those affected by eating disorders.” — Liana R.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, you can call the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline at 1-800-931-2237.

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