5 Ways to Make the World a Better Place for Someone With Sensory Issues

The world is a loud and crowded place, making it difficult for me as someone with sensory issues. No matter where I go, I find something difficult for me. In the malls, several stores would be playing two different songs at once, whilst hundreds of people would be having separate conversations. Random smells would be emanating from random sources. The numbers of people would be numerous, and I would be getting closer and closer to a panic attack.

It is extremely important to make the world a better place for those with sensory issues. The world can be frustrating, and everything seems to happen at once. Such a large number of people today struggle with this. If everyone works together, there could be a chance that the world could be a bit calmer for those struggling. That is why I believe these ways are important.

1. Choose calming music rather than loud or fast music. Music, especially when mixed with other noise, can be a trigger for those with sensory issues. However, if the music is calm, it might help calm the person down. Try not to mix music with other noise, such as playing music whilst close to another music source.

2. Use calming colors rather than bright ones. Although it is controversial, this is what I love about the “Light It Up Blue” movement. As someone with sensory issues, blue lights calm me down, whilst yellow lights trigger me. Usually, I’ve noticed that warmer and brighter colors are more triggering for me that darker and colder ones. Although colors are not a trigger for everyone with sensory issues, they can still be a trigger for many.

3. Provide comfort. Sensory toys, sensory areas and other ways are great examples of providing comfort for those with sensory issues. Personally, I use music and jelly balls to calm myself down. If a place has something comforting, it is much easier for me to calm.

4. Stop judging. If a person is shaking their hands in public, or covering their ears, try to help them instead of judging them. They are human beings who might be in a tough situation. If a child is having a public meltdown, the best thing to do is to help the child instead of complaining about them. Our world would be better in general if everyone refrains from judging others.

5. Empathize and comfort. Life is hard with sensory problems. Having a friend to help makes things much easier. I constantly need people to calm me when I’m having a panic attack, to guide me when I’m having a meltdown, and to help me communicate when I forget how to speak. I am not stating that people with sensory issues need to rely on others, but I’m simply saying that it is great for me to have others to help.

I have a dream that someday, the world would be a little bit better for those with sensory issues. Hopefully, someday I will be able to go out into a public place without having to worry. It will be easier for me to hear others, and easier for me to speak.

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