7 Unexpected Benefits of Living With My Anxiety and Depression

Most people with anxiety or depression can attest to how debilitating it can be. But after starting to work through all the negative feelings that come with it, I started to see there is, in fact, a silver lining.

After I started seeing a therapist and opening up about my anxiety and depression last year, I’ve actually seen some benefits to my anxiety and depression. So, here are seven things that remind me there is still some goodness that can come out of my struggles.

1. Depression puts things into perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, depression sucks. But when faced with depression, I become more in touch with my emotions. I think I developed a certain self-awareness and have become more introspective. I constantly ask myself why I’m feeling a certain way.

2. I developed a deeper sense of empathy for others.

Depression makes me feel like anything but myself. It makes me feel alone and unloved. It’s a terrible feeling, but it does give me a greater understanding of what other people are going through.

3. I have the opportunity to expand my interests.

Once I started working through all the negative feelings, I also started to find new ways to keep myself happy. In the past year, I’ve started taking improv classes and I’ve started to volunteer, mentor and give back to the community.

4. I formed bonds with people I may not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

As we know, depression and anxiety are not rare. They can may make us feel isolated and alone. I started to realize not only was I not alone, but there is a whole community out there filled with people who go through exactly the same things I do.

5. I developed my relationships with family and friends.

Opening up about my struggles not only serves my well-being but also enhances the current relationships in my life — including those with friends, family and coworkers. Before opening up, I had a tendency to isolate myself and push people away. But after starting to open up to my friends and family about my struggles, I found myself getting closer to them. When I opened up to them about my vulnerabilities, it created emotional intimacy.

6. I developed a greater appreciation for the happy moments in life.

Anxiety and depression doesn’t necessarily mean I will live a miserable life. There are highs and lows. But I’ve experienced enough low, dark moments to appreciate the happy ones. For me, because I’m so used to thinking negatively, I find I’m pleasantly surprised when things go my way.

7. I’m dedicated to improving myself.

Because anxiety feels awful, it does serve as a catalyst for change. It motivates me to do something meaningful in my life, improves my self-confidence and helps me find new ways to live happier and healthier.

Instead of fearing my anxiety or depression, I should treat it as a friend — something I can learn from. When I have those dark days or thoughts, I should acknowledge them, but not judge them. Instead, I can use them as inspiration to make profound change in my life.

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