This Nonprofit Created 6 Different Small Businesses To Give Job Variety

Extraordinary Ventures creates small businesses for people with developmental disabilities to pursue jobs they are passionate about.

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To Give People With Disabilities More Job Choices…

This Nonprofit Created 6 Different Small Businesses

Extraordinary Ventures (EV), based in Chapel Hill, NC, creates and supports businesses employed by people with disabilities.

These self-sustainable small businesses provide resource for more than 60 employees to pursue job based on their own interests.

EV oversees an event center, laundromat and candle business as well as dog walking, bus detailing and office services.

“These are guys and girls that can manage and run and participate in an effective and profitable business and they shouldn’t be ignored.” – Tom Kuell, EV Operations Director

“We’re trying to find a sustainable model to provide jobs, real jobs, that create value for the employee, pay them and create a skill set that could be transferable.” – Van Hatchell, EV Managing Director

“I like my job. It’s fun, it’s good and it helps me to experience more.” -Robert Hart, EV Gifts Employee

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