Why Amazing Friends Are a Gift to Those of Us With Chronic Illnesses

It’s easy to remember the friends who didn’t last through the trials of chronic illness, and the hardships it brings.

It’s easy to remember because I always feel responsible for the loss, to a large extent. It hurts. I’m not the fun friend, always up to do anything. I’m not the friend who can always be there. I’m the friend who needs too much, sometimes. I try not to. But, I’m not perfect, and I know it.

Right now, though, I want to remember the friends who are amazing. You know the ones. The ones who never tire of asking how you are. The ones who want an honest answer. The ones who will also tell you how they are doing. Joke with you. Be normal with you. Have conversations that involve all things. The good and the bad. The fun and the sad.

Those friends are the greatest gift and they deserve to be recognized. Celebrated. Appreciated. Loved.

To all who have been there for me and have let me be there in return, thank you. I can never truly express just how much you mean to me. You enrich my life. You are an enormous part of why I feel like I have an incredible, happy, enriched life. A life full of love, joy and laughter.

I hope to never take you for granted. Friendship like yours is not a guarantee. It’s a blessing.

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