How I'm Using Art Therapy to Cope With Chronic Pain

I’ve been checking my phone so much this week you’d think I was waiting on a call from Oprah or Ed McMahon. No, I’m just looking at my weather app, praying I’ll see a sunny symbol instead of a the storm cloud. You, Sir Rainy Day, have overstayed your welcome, by a lot.

My body has been fighting overtime to get through each day and now it’s time to chill out.

It’s time to relax, forget about my pain and be zen. Join me?

This is your invitation to one hour of free art therapy.


!Warning! Art therapy may:

  • reconcile emotional conflicts
  • foster self-awareness
  • manage behavior and addictions
  • develop social skills
  • improve reality orientation
  • reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem

(According to The American Art Therapy Association.)

Hang out and color along with me and my friend, Anne Manera, while we chat about our chronic pain journeys and share our best tips on pain management. Relax with us, spark your creativity and let your pain fade to the background.

All you need is:

  • a comfy spot
  • colored pencils or markers
  • something tasty to sip on
  • quiet/relaxing music
  • to press play on the video below

No printer? Totally fine. Grab some paper and design your own mantra for today.

When I count to five and snap my fingers, you will come out of your chill and awesome meditative state.

One… Two…

Wait. Why would you want to come out of that? I’m going to leave you right here, while you’re as cool and calm as the Buddha himself.

Thanks again to Anne for hosting such a great sesh. I’m excited to do it again (and we will), so stay tuned!

digital artwork of a woman

Check out Anne’s world of coloring. To meet more online warriors just like Anne, make sure you read, My Ultimate Guide to Online Support.

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This post originally appeared on Huffington Post.

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