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A Mother's Day Poem for Those Whose Medical Issues Led to Miscarriage

I had some medical issues such as ovarian cysts and endometriosis that contributed to some of my five miscarriages. I had one daughter before the miscarriages, and that was a great comfort. My husband and I had always wanted to have two children, so we tried for five years to have another. We were eventually blessed with a beautiful boy.

Getting through those miscarriages was extremely difficult. I cried a lot, and though the doctors told me otherwise, I felt like it was my fault. My young daughter kept me busy, and having her helped me endure the pain and heartache.

I wasn’t able to talk about the miscarriages for years; it was too painful. Not many people asked about them because it is a difficult topic of conversation, and for fear of upsetting me.

Now that some time has passed and my family is complete, I am coming to terms with what I lost. Writing is really helping me to deal with the losses that were buried deep inside of me.

I think of my forever children from time to time. I keep them in my heart.

They will be a part of me this Mother’s Day. They will always be with me.

I will be thinking of all of you who know this type of sorrow this weekend. I will pray that you will get through the darkness, and find the light again someday.

This poem is for you:

Forever, My Child

I remember your image,
on a flat and dark screen;
I remember your heartbeat,
and all the time in between.

You were just a vision then,
you were just a dream;
and the minute I lost you,
I couldn’t even let out a scream.

For I had not the strength,
to even utter a sound;
my dear baby left me,
and now I can’t put my feet on the ground.

I cried and I cried,
for what might have been;
I put a blanket on the pain,
each thread kept the sorrow in.

And as the years pass,
I sometimes shed a tear;
for you are forever my child,
each and every passing year.

I still keep you close,
and think of the time when;
I will hold my forever child,
in my loving arms again.

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