How Being a Planner Has Both Helped and Hurt Me in Seeking a Diagnosis

I’ve been thinking too much. Wayyyyy too much!

All my life I’ve been a planner. Someone who plans for the future and prepares for the what-if situations. During my “journey” to a diagnosis for my chronic pain that planning personality trait in me has come in handy, but at the same time it has caused me stress.

Normally when I plan, I plan to reduce anxiety and stress; however, in this case, it has only caused me more stress.


The reason…?

I’m theorizing as to what my possible diagnoses will be and how they will affect my life. I have no idea what’s wrong with me. Sure, I can guess all day long, but I don’t know…so why guess? Why cause more stress, which in turn will only cause me more harm? I think it’s important to plan the next course of treatment or what doctor I will see next, but to overthink is just silly. I’m thinking way too much and I need to focus on myself and my happiness. I deserve to be happy! Don’t get me wrong…despite all my health issues I am happy! Just some days are harder than others.

So here’s me trying to put the pause on my brain, and to stop thinking so much. Easier said than done, but it must be done!

This post originally appeared on Nursing Notions.

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