Surprising Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

We asked people in The Mighty’s mental health community to share one physical symptom they experience because of anxiety.

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Surprising Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

“Constantly going to the bathroom. I have cramps and abdominal pain.”

“Full-body rage. High blood pressure followed by a sense of being completely drained.”

“My back is in tremendous pain, and every time I have attacks, I suddenly feel my back harden and new knots appear.”

“In the aftermath of a panic attack, I often feel bone-chillingly cold.”

“When I get really anxious and hot my whole body breaks out in a red and incredibly itchy or painful rash.”

“Heart palpitations. Every night for over a year my heart wouldn’t let me sleep.”

“My voice goes very raspy and strained.”

“When I’m in full blown panic mode my gums bleed.”

“Horrible and very vivid nightmares.”

“I shut down. I can’t think. I forget where I’m going or what I’m doing. I just fall asleep.”

Anxiety isn’t just ‘in your head.’ It affects your body too.

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