What I Will and Won't Do as Someone With a Chronic Illness

I will lay on a table and let you diagnose me. (Please speak compassionately.)

I will give up control of my body gracefully. (Don’t take away my dignity.)

I will remember not to be cruel to those who simply do not understand. (But, please try.)

I will see the beauty in everything around me. (Mother nature makes it easy.)

I will be jealous of all who are able to work and play freely. (Please stop complaining to me.)

I will see as much of the world as fate allows. (Oregon calls my name.)

I won’t stop fighting. (When I’m tired, help me fight.)

I won’t stay angry at God for very long. (I believe he always forgives me.)

I won’t let fear freeze me. (Although, the power is strong.)

I won’t forget how amazing I was when I was healthy (Sadly, it’s slipping.)

I won’t stop dreaming. (In dreams there is hope. Mine are vividly strong.)

I will lay on a table and let you diagnose me. I won’t stop smiling.

(I’m stronger than you.)

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