Anxiety Is My Superpower, Even Though I'm Only 10 Years Old

I used to be scared of swimming. My friends would laugh and say, “It’s no big deal, Kaia. It’s just water.” But to me, it was a giant pool of fear.

I’m also afraid of the dark. I like to be close to my parents when I fall asleep. I get shy around people I don’t know and my words get jumbled when I talk in front of crowds.

I always make sure the door is locked because my dogs can open doors and what if they run away? What if they get lost? What if they get hit by a car?

I even get upset stomachs whenever I’m really nervous and have to take medicine to make them go away.

People tell me to calm down all the time, but I am afraid and I can’t help it.

I think about things differently than other people sometimes. I notice things that other people don’t.

I have anxiety.

I used to hate that my anxiety made me different. I thought it meant I wasn’t brave like my friends or that maybe something was wrong with me. But there’s nothing wrong with me.

It’s not weak to admit you’re afraid… it’s strong!

And I don’t just notice things that make me afraid — I notice things that make me smile, too. I notice when there’s a rainbow is in the sky. I notice when you cut your hair. I notice when you’re sitting alone at lunch and need a friend.

I notice when you need me, and I am there because I know what it’s like to feel alone.

Anxiety makes me kind.

Just like Spiderman has spidey senses, that’s what my anxiety is for me. It’s a superpower. So no, I am not going to calm down or get over it. And no, there is nothing wrong with me.

I’m proud of being who I am. I’m proud that I’m brave enough to admit when I’m afraid. I’m proud of my anxiety.

It’s my superpower.

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