The Truth Behind My Anxiety Disorder

An anxiety disorder is not being nervous for a big event — it is being nervous for no event.

An anxiety disorder is not stressing about starting a new job — it is stressing about a job you have done for 20 years.

An anxiety disorder is not worrying about your loved ones — it is being petrified that if you cannot see them, you are going to lose them.

An anxiety disorder is not thinking about a mistake you made a minute ago — It is obsessing over a mistake you made five years ago.

An anxiety disorder is not being uncomfortable — it is never being able to be comfortable.

An anxiety disorder is not disliking busy areas — it is being afraid of many people looking at you… even when they are not.

An anxiety disorder is not disliking talking on the phone — it is the act being physically challenging because of the fear of a voice on the other end.

An anxiety disorder is not a worry feeling in your gut — it is heart palpitations, sweats, a headache, nausea, sobbing and shaking.

An anxiety disorder is not pretty — for me, it is very, very ugly.

An anxiety disorder is not being upset — it is being distracted, separated and scared.

An anxiety disorder is not sharing your life story for pleasure — it is sharing it to let others know they are not alone.

An anxiety disorder is not just a term.

It is an illness.

An anxiety disorder is not something to brag about.

It is something to cope with.
It is something to live with.
It is something to survive.

An anxiety disorder is not a joke.

It is my life.

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