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35 All-Too-Relatable Daily Thoughts of a Spoonie

Here are some of the common thoughts I have regarding having an autoimmune disease:

1. “Do I have to get up?”

2. “My bones hurt. How can bones feel pain?”

3. “Omneprazol before food…”

4. “I don’t feel like breakfast…”

5. “No Facebook, I don’t want to see photos of me before the prednisone.”

6. “I used to hate those photos…look at my face now.”

7. “You’d think after a while I wouldn’t choke while swallowing multiple pills at a time…”

8. “Urgh, I want a nap.”

9. “Argh, nearly forgot SPF.”

10. “Should I bother with foundation, or rock the butterfly rash?”

11. “Do I have my keys?”

12. “What else do I need?”

13. “My right hip hurts again – is this normal now?”

14. “Did I take my meds?!”

15. “Oh, yes I did, they tasted horrible.”

16. “Can I eat lunch yet?”



17. *Taking notes* “Did that really just take me five attempts to spell…?”

18. “Is this brain fog, or am I just becoming less smart?”

19. “Oh my god, what is that person’s name…”

20. “So proud of making a healthy lunch.”

21. “I want coffee…”

22. “It’s been an hour since lunch, why am I hungry again?!”

23. “Need coffee…”

24. “Knee joints are hurting. I need to stretch.”

25. “I deserve a snack.”

26. “Want crisps. Can’t have crisps.”

27. “Need to remember to bring snacks with me. Carrots. Protein balls.”

28. “Need to make protein balls…”

29. “My stomach has become a bottomless pit.”

30. “What shall I make for dinner?”

31. “Can it just be avocado on toast? I’m sleepy…”

32. “Need to drink more water.”

33. “Might actually fall asleep by 11:00…”

34. “Argh, nearly forgot my night meds.”

35. “Why do I feel awake now?”

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Thinkstock photo via g-stockstudio.

35 All-Too-Relatable Daily Thoughts of a Spoonie