How Prednisone Has Affected My Teeth

I have a dream. A wish. One that most people my age would see as a nightmare, not a dream.

I’m a 30-something young lady, fervently hoping to have the rest of her teeth removed.

Life is funny. I never thought I’d be sitting up at night, crossing my fingers and praying my dental team will say yes to making me a “toothless wonder.” But, there’s only so much dental pain a person can take.


Prednisone, combined with other meds and other health issues, has caused me to lose 10 teeth in a nine-month period. Worse than that, though, is I’ve been only eating soft foods for over a year because my remaining front teeth continue to deteriorate, so I haven’t been able to be fitted for partial dentures.

I don’t have any upper or lower back teeth left. The teeth I do have are constantly breaking, becoming infected and needing all kinds of dental work. Root canals. Nerve removal. Pulp removal. Only to then have that tooth break again. It’s extremely painful and makes my other health issues and pain harder to cope with.

I’ve spent almost every month at the dentist, for over a year. I’m ready for all the pain and infections to be over.

So, I sit here, crossing my fingers and hoping that in a months time, I can flash my toothless, pain-free, gummy smile, before putting in nice-looking, pain-free false teeth!

Life isn’t always what you expect. I certainly never expected this. I feel almost giddy at the thought of having all my teeth gone for good.

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