To My Significant Other: Thank You for Your Unwavering Support

You came into my life as things were crashing down all around me. As I was wandering through the stormy, starless night you arrived. As bright as a beacon, you were a lighthouse on calm shores. It was a very tumultuous and transitory period for me, and suddenly there you were. I got the sense you understood me, even though our paths in life had been so very different. I think you knew I understood you, too. I instantly felt as though I had known you a very long time. Human connection is funny that way.

I told you about my chronic illness, the battles I’d fought, but that was insignificant in your eyes. You saw beauty and life where I saw nothing but a sick person trying to make it through another day. The truth is, you have seen me at my absolute worst. You have witnessed me crawl on all fours to the bathroom because it hurt too much to walk. You have seen me cry in agony. You have watched me mourn the loss of a life once lived, the life of a “healthy” person.

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In spite of everything you have seen me through, your loving kindness and support has never wavered. You sat on the hard, cold, tile floor while I lay motionless in the bathtub. You have held me as I cried out in pain. You have carried me through the house, across parking lots, up flights of stairs. You sat and listened to me vent about how frustrating it can be to be me. Oh, how lucky I am to have you.

Above all, you have shown me the depths of unconditional love. A romantic love I am surely not accustomed to. One night, after a particularly heinous day, I looked up at you, my eyes full of tears. I told you I was so sorry. Sorry you had no idea what you were signing up for when you met me. You looked steadfastly back at me, with those gentle eyes like windows into your soul and said, “I know exactly what I signed up for. I signed up for you.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so wonderful. You are the ever-burning light in the dark, so that when I am lost I can find my way.

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