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Being Sick Doesn't Make Me 'Broken,' Just Human

I’m not “broken.” I’m not “defective.” I’m not half of a person. I’m not less than I would be if I had a perfectly healthy body.

I’m more. I’ve been to places of pain I never would have imagined I could endure. I’ve traveled to places in my mind that somehow knew how to carry me through levels of illness I didn’t know could exist.


My body and my mind have stretched beyond any limit I thought was possible. Endured. But even more than that, grew. Expanded. Became more.

I’ve been to places that have shown me what’s truly important to me. What really matters. I’ve been through nights I thought would kill me, yet here I am. Smiling. Loving. Finding joy and beauty everywhere.

Being sick isn’t reserved for certain people. It’s not a rare thing that only the unlucky encounter. It’s one of the risks that come with being alive. Being human. And I’m so grateful I’m alive. So glad to be here. Soaking in all that life has to offer. Feeling lousy doesn’t prevent that. Not if I don’t let it.

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Thinkstock photo via Pixland.