A Poem for Chronic Illness Warriors

I hear your cries. I know your pain. I feel the rhythm of your fear at night, when you pray you’ll wake again.

It’s gone too far. For far too long. But you have never given up because inside you are so strong.

On the outside, falling down, falling apart. It’s about time, when the tears fall in the dark.

Don’t give up. Look how far you’ve come. All those times when you thought you’d come undone.

You are a warrior. You are a queen, you are a king. You are the hero, for all who’s felt the same.

Stand up and shout it out, be proud, I’ll never doubt, you now, let’s figure out a way.

My hand is here my heart has found, your strength appears, your love abounds


You are a warrior. You are queen, you are a king. Going forward. You can make it through this thing.

I believe in you, you made it through today.

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Thinkstock photo via Uladzimir Bakunovich.

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