25 Alternative Lyme Disease Treatments I've Tried

Editor’s note: The following is based on an individual’s experience and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before going on or off medication or beginning a new treatment plan.

Some of the non-antibiotic Lyme treatments I’ve tried…

1. Herbs
3. Colonics
4. Diet
5. IV Nutrition therapy
6. Cranial Sacral
7. Chiropractic
8. Infrared sauna
9. Juicing
10. Lymphatic massage
11. THETA healing
12. Meditation
13. Yoga
14. Laughter
15. Sex
16. Exercise
17. Sunshine
18. Cannabis oil
19. Swimming in the ocean
20. Light therapy
21. Bentonite clay
22. Hyperbaric
23. Hyperthermia
24. Stem cell therapy
25. Ozone

With the exception of the last three, I have tried all of the above and can tell you firsthand they worked for me. I have not done hyperbaric, but I am a diver and I have felt infinitely better when I dive; hyperbaric replicates.


I did oral, intramuscular and IV antibiotics. They only destroyed my immune system. I believe in a non-antibiotic approach and wish I had figured that out for myself sooner.

Am I healthy? No. I’m slowly getting there. When I’m disciplined and do everything “right” I feel good. But when you’ve been bed-ridden 95 percent of the last three and a half years and lost everything, when you start to feel even the slightest bit better, all you want to do is get out and have a “normal” life.

I’m taking baby steps toward my healing, doing my best and doing treatments as I have it in me. I don’t always have the energy, money or support I need… But each day is a new start.

If you have questions about these treatments, want to know how to make them affordable, how they have helped me, who I have seen, etc., I’m here. If you’re struggling, I’m happy to help in whatever way I can. If you need to vent, have questions, whatever… I am by my computer most of the time. If I don’t have it in me, I will get back to you as soon as I do. I have helped well over a thousand people, always doing my best for those struggling. All I ask is you bear with me as my mind is sort of mush, so sometimes I’m forgetful. We’re in this together!

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