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Dear Lady Gaga, Thank You for Opening Up About Your Chronic Pain

Dearest Lady Gaga,

Last year you revealed to the world that you had PTSD and most recently chronic pain. I have to say, when I found out about the chronic pain I was quite shocked. I thought with all the resources you had perhaps the pain would be kept in remission, but I guess this disease doesn’t care about your bank account. I too had PTSD as a teenager following a sexual assault, and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year at 29.


I wonder if you would speak to the well-known link between these two conditions. Several studies have shown that an injury or trauma is what can trigger the onset of fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions. PTSD occurs after you’ve experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Thus, the PTSD trauma can cause the onset of chronic pain. If you are diagnosed with one, there’s a chance you might have the other. Why does this matter? If one condition is not being treated, then the other might hinder one’s ability to manage their very real, untreated symptoms.

I felt comforted when you revealed that you had these chronic conditions. When you opened up you made those with the conditions feel less invisible. I feel that the more mainstream exposure to invisible illnesses we have, the more we will be able to combat the stigma attached to these two conditions. Most healthy people simply do not know what it’s like, so they may make judgments that aren’t sound. But what happens when the healthy person hears a celebrity talk? They might be less likely to judge and more likely to empathize. They might just be more understanding when a person with an “invisible” illness parks in a disabled space. They might just find a cure.

As a fellow 86er and a longtime fan, it meant a lot for you to open up about these conditions. You’ve inspired me to keep on advocating. Thank you.

All my love,

Brittney Marie

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Lead photo courtesy of Lady Gaga’s Facebook page