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The Best Actors Are Those With Chronic Illness

I live a double life. I know many of you do as well. But it’s not cool like in movies. Our “secret identities” don’t come with fancy cars, butlers or mansions; instead we get pain, anxiety, depression and seclusion. In public we show our alter ego, putting on a mask so we can have as normal a life as possible, or to keep loved ones from worrying. We are constantly playing a scripted part, only able to relax and let down our guard in the safety of our homes.

Some of you are braver than I, choosing to rip off your mask and show the ugly truth. I’m too afraid of losing the few friends I have to do this, but I’m glad it works for you. Keep fighting on the front lines.

For those of you like me, I can more acutely relate to the struggle. You have more talent than any actor on a screen, and are stronger than you’ll ever know. You are incredible, having the ability to bear this burden with no one being the wiser. Here’s to the silent warriors walking among us.

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Thinkstock photo via fabioderby.