Why I Became a Teacher's Assistant for Children With Learning Disabilities

I always love working with kids of all ages. When I was in school I struggled myself. I liked school but I had a hard time in all subjects — math, reading, spelling, and writing. When I had kids I wanted them to do well in school and never feel how I felt, so I made sure to read to them and played educational games as much as possible.

When all three of my kids were in school, I always volunteered in their classroom. After a few years, I realized I could get paid for the same sort of work I did, so I put my name on the substitute list at Black School Regional Schools and was busy almost every day. When the right job and school came up, I applied for an Educational Assistant job with kids with disabilities. I went back to school at Grant MacEwan at night for seven years. I got my diploma in Special Needs Educational Assistant in 2012 while working full time and being a hockey, soccer and dance mom.

With the wonderful support of my family, technology and awareness, I now help kids who need help learning and help them do their best. I don’t want any kids to feel what I felt. Everyone can learn — I just have to help them figure out the best way so they can understand and succeed. I love my job, and seeing the kids so proud of themselves when they get the concept.

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