When Chronic Illness Makes You Wonder, 'Dude, Where's My Health?'

Dude! Where’s my health?!

Whoa! My self just yelled at me!

Not even kidding you, I’m sitting here, with my body hurting, enjoying a super yummy frozen lemonade, feeling a bit sorry for myself, when all of a sudden my mind shouts, “Dude! Where’s my health?!

I’m not sure how my mind does it, but its unspoken words are really loud! They echo!! So now, I’m on the couch, having a moment. A genuine moment, with my self and my health.

I recognize it. I know a profound moment when I create one. My self nods at the wise words and congratulates my self for raising such an elegant, deep question.

Yes indeed, self! Where is my health?! Where did I last see it? Where was it parked? Ohh, right. It’s not working very well right now. It’s being cantankerous, but it’s right over there.

Now, I’ve never had a pristine, perfect health. I’ve always had a fixer upper health. It was new when I got it, but was… what’s the best word… an original. It grows more and more unique each year. A rare specimen, my health is.

It’s cute, though, and holds quite a bit of sentimental value to me. I’ve built a ton of memories in this self, with this health. It’s unique. The dents in it have never taken away from the joy I’ve had in it. I’ve had to miss some moments, when it wouldn’t start, or have some difficult moments when it would sputter away, clunking awkwardly along the road. But, overall it’s been through a lot with me. Some great times. Some hard times. And all times in between.

There have been days when it broke down, or ran out of gas, but, hey, that happens. At least it’s stubborn and resilient. My self and my health have endured many a bumpy road. Ones so difficult they could have completely written off one another. But not mine. Nope. It’s a keeper!

So, really, I suppose instead of just shouting and wondering where my health is, I should just make an appointment with a mechanic. See if they can tinker around, try a new gas, or top up the oil. Change the brakes. Worth a try! It means a lot to me. I want to keep it running for many more years to come.

This self, with this health, has more memories to make, more places to go, and more miles to travel.

So… Dude, where’s my health? Right here. It just needs another tune-up.

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