To Anyone Feeling Overwhelmed by Contradicting Advice on How to Deal With Illness

When you’re dealing with invisible chronic illness, you may look for anything to help your illness seem tangible. Read every article and story, try to find someone or something to relate to. The internet is full of opinions screaming to be heard, and they all contradict each other. Hide your symptoms, wear them like a badge, what are we supposed to do?

The thing is, there is no universal fix for how we feel, so why should we all cope with our problems the same? What works for one person won’t work for everyone. The advice out there is overwhelming. I don’t want to add to the mess there is to sort through, but here is my take on it.

Do what works for you. Sure, it’s great that we have a way to exchange ideas, but do what fits with your life, your circumstances. Don’t feel like what works for someone else has to work for you. Mask the pain, discuss the pain, go to doctors, try homeopathic remedies, do whatever makes your life easier. There is enough stress in our lives already, don’t worry about how you’re “supposed” to respond. Find your coping strategies, and don’t change what works.

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