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6 Misconceptions About Living With PTSD

This article was written by Christian Benedetto Jr. for the PTSD Journal.

These are six misconceptions about living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD):

1. All wounds are visible.

It sounds so simple, we have all heard it over and over again, but people don’t seem to get it. Just because someone is not missing a limb, or does not have a seven-inch scar across their face, does not mean they are not suffering the same if not more than someone with a physical wound. A broken leg will heal over time, a wounded soul will not as easily, and like a broken leg, needs attention to the wound or it will not heal correctly. 

2. There is an “easy” cure. 

I wish there was. We did not ask for PTSD, we did not deserve it or want it.  PTSD is manageable and the symptoms can lessen, but it doesn’t just go away. So if you have someone in your life with PTSD, give them space when they need it and encouragement. There is such a thing as post-traumatic growth. PTSD is not the end of someone’s life, it’s just a new normal and you can grow from it.

3. Everyone with PTSD is overmedicated.

While many of us with PTSD take a variety of medications, not everyone with PTSD is a walking pharmacy.


6 Misconceptions About Living With PTSD