Honest Pictures People With Depression Want to Post on Facebook, but Don't

Members of The Mighty’s mental health community share honest photos of what it looks like when they are struggling with depression.

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Honest Pictures People With Depression Want to Post on Facebook, but Don’t

“I wanted to capture that emotion — the feeling of a person with depression. How they feel when happy, sad, empty, etc.”

“For me, depression isn’t a wistful look off into the distance or stroking a wall looking glum.”

“My fear in sharing photos like this is that people will assume that I couldn’t possibly still be depressed.”

“I asked my best friend to sketch me. I told her I wanted to look strong, and I wanted it to resemble beauty despite my scars.”

“This picture was taken at the hospital. I want to show people how far I have come.”

“I was trying to trick everyone, when the reality was every day was spent in fear and misery.”

“I took this picture right before my first dose of antidepressants.”

“This is a portrait of the first time I sat home alone trying to decide whether or not I’d live or die.”

“This is my service dog in training. She is one of the only things that keep me hanging on.”

“I’m really proud of this painting but depression tells me there’s no point.”

“When I’m depressed, sometimes I play with Snapchat’s filters to feel better.”

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling (800)-273-8255.

You can also reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “HOME” to 741-741.

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