Your Spouse Has Chronic Fatigue? Here Are Ways to Support Them

The Mighty community shares ways that people can help their partners/spouses with chronic fatigue.

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Your Spouse Has Chronic Fatigue? Here Are Ways to Support Them

“Best thing my husband does: support me in trying different treatments.”

“Sometimes we just need a pair of ears to listen. We don’t always want someone to try and fix things.”

“Someone saying, ‘Don’t get up, I’ll get it for you!’ is a huge relief.”

“Don’t be afraid to voice your own pain or struggles. We complain, so complain with us.”

“Treat me like a burrito…wrap me up in blankets with my heating pad to keep me warm and bring me a bottle of water, ibuprofen and the remote for Netflix.”

“Get involved! Go to doctor appointments and tests and procedures. Get to know your spouse’s conditions.”

“Pain and tiredness is incredibly relative. Make sure you’re using your partner’s rubric for things instead of your own.”

“It’s super important to talk to your spouse, find out what things they struggle with and try to help with those.”

“Make or get us food. Food prep takes so much of our daily energy.”

“Just love me, hold me and let me know you are there for me!”

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