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Why I'm Spreading Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes

I was diagnosed at the age of 9 and was very sick. My blood sugars were in the 700s and rising. I am 27 now and I am not going to lie, diabetes has put me through the ringer more times than I can count. From feeling sorry for myself, having depression and almost dying several times, I have stood up and found my strength and hope living with this chronic illness.

I have decided to make my voice heard and start spreading the word and making an awareness of this disease. I will not go down without a fight. When someone asks me a question I educate. I take advantage of the moment. Diabetes type 1 is autoimmune disease, which means my body attacks itself. I cannot eat without an injection of insulin which a normal body produces.

I am constantly counting carbohydrates and sugars. I check my glucose before I eat, I have a mental argument with everything I eat: “Is it worth it? I will have to give myself insulin.” When my glucose is low I have to act fast to get sugar into my body before I faint, which has happened plenty of times. When my glucose is high I have to get insulin into my body or have a visit to the emergency room. I get sick more than a person without diabetes. A cold could turn into something more serious, I can catch any virus faster and more often.

That’s only a little explanation I can give about type 1 diabetes. I could go on for days. I spend a lot of my time on spreading awareness because that is my biggest weapon in finding the cure. And to everyone out there battling a chronic illness, you are not alone! Remember that – a lot of people are fighting the same battle. You are a warrior and you will still rise.

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