Anxiety Doesn't Control Me, Even if I Can't Control It

Dear anxious self,

I get it. I know you are tired and anxious and you feel sick and awful. I know how much you want to give up on yourself and everyone else. I know you might be on the verge of tears and you might be so close to giving in to the anxiety.

But please, don’t forget how to be human.

Don’t forget to breathe and feel every emotion you can possibly feel because that is the only way to fight this. Don’t forget how many people truly love you and care about you. Don’t forget that none of this can last forever.

I know that you are so scared of what you are feeling. I know that you don’t want to bother anyone else with your problems. But please, don’t forget that your friends are always there for you. Don’t forget that there is no one in the world who can make you feel better than your best friends. Don’t forget that no matter how much your mind wants you to think that everyone hates you and will leave you at the drop of a hat, you are not alone. Don’t forget that.

You are not alone.

These feelings will not last.

Let the tears fall, but do not linger on the sadness.

Anxiety does not control you, even if you can’t control it.

Just breathe and know that your mind is playing tricks on you.

Just breathe.

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